Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Flood of 2010

Hey kid ... don't wade in that ... there's sewage in them there waters! No really ... you idiot ... oh well ... just watch out for turds!

Unfortunately this is the cross street closest to our house ... and the river/street still had to crest. A kayak (no joke) was seen ambling down the road about 1/2 hour later. We ended up with soggy spots in our basement carpet and 1/3" in our mechanical room but other than that ... we came out pretty good. On the street behind us .... you are looking towards it in this pic, the basements had much more water and damage. If you zoom in on this pic, you will see cars submerged up to the windows that unfortunately miss gauged the water's depth.
"Hey you idiot don't drive in through that ... No really it's deep ... Geez ... see what happens! Idiot! Just watch out for floating turds when you get out." Even in the hottest of summers or the coldest of winters ... La Grange is a front yard community ... meaning every one is always outdoors, usually in the front yard and depending on what time of day ... either with a hot cup of joe or a cold brew (adults of course). Well we were all out about 8:30am, cup of joe in hand, dazed .... confused, staring at the river that used to be Kensington Ave. As my neighbor Mike put it, "It looks like the morning after". We were pajama clad zombies, with our coffee wondering what to do next. Not much you can do but get another cup of coffee and take photo's of the damage.

We figured our sump pump bit the dust about 1/2 way through the storm. Over 8" was too much for it to handle ... it just quit. As I type, we have two industrial dehumidifiers and 8 industrial fans going in the basement. It sounds like we are living on the G concourse at Ohare. No joke, it's white noise at it's finest.

All told we were lucky ... a plumber showed up at 9am and replaced the sump and redirected the water. He also said our back up sump was malfunctioning ... "Really" I replied, "you sold it to us two years ago". "Well warranties are only a year on back up sumps" he retorted back. Great ... you idiot. The boys have had a new word added to their vocabulary today.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Multitasking at it's best

Charlie sleeping and perfecting his Yoga Moves! A True Jedi Warrior!

July 4th and Juli's Visit

Our good friend Juli came to visit us over July 4th weekend. We spent July 4th watching fireworks and swimming at the pool we belong to. The kids had a great time swimming with their friends and staying up late to watch fireworks. They even tried their hand at the Hula Hoop. As you can see, we are not going to sign the boys up for any dance contests soon! Thanks for the fun visit Jules! We always love to see you! Hope to come to Minneapolis this fall with the boys. Maybe for a football game at the new U stadium. Next time I want to get video of you on the hoop!

Master Charlie and his Moonettes!

I'm in Love with you too Charlie!

Conversation between Charlie and his Dad this weekend:

Charlie: Dad, is mom you girlfriend?

Dad: Well, I guess you can say that ... yes Charlie.

Charlie: Well that too bad because I'm in Love with Mommy!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Boys of Summer or Lord of the Flies?

Sometimes it's a little of both! We live in a totally Americana village, right out of Norman Rockwell. I love it. On our block alone (20 houses) there are 26 kids ... mostly up to something outside. This winter we had three boys move into the house directly behind us (they lived 5 houses down before). So I tell folks that on somedays we have two boys and some days we have 5 boys. When they get together they are the loudest pack you'll ever meet. They come complete with an aresenal of weaponary that if it were real, they could take over a small country. They do have a grand time ... smoke bomb parties, ninja adventures, Star Wars adventures, pizza parties, movie nights and when they want to relax ... it's a rousing game of Mario on Wii. Nick and Jet were in the same class at school. Bobby and Charlie are the same age. Little Davey (the one with the weapon) holds his own, very well thank you. Fortunately we have very patient neighbors as this gang is wearing paths between yards.

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Visit From The Smurfs

Actually it was a visit from the Murphy's but Jet kept calling them the smurfs ... which was funnier to us because we ACTUALLY did remember the funny, little blue people from the early 80's! It was great to see our good friends and in typical tradition ... too much good vino and too much good food!

I love it when the Murphy's come to visit. Our kids have known each other since arriving stateside and were in a small daycare together in Minneapolis. Just like the Ol' daycare days, all 5 kids crashed in one room and we were amazed that all were asleep by 10pm.

OK, I promised to blog more but my computer is being commadeered by the boys this summer. Geez enough of this wild GO GO Crazybones craze and website.

I do have one funny Charlie story to tell. We were all driving in the car last week when Charlie asked Chris this question:

Charlie: Dad, why do you have hair in your ears?

Dad (with mom chuckling): Because I'm old Charlie.

Charlie: You're not old daddy, you are just big!

Dad (mom chuckling louder): I'm old and big Charlie.

Charlie: Yah, you have a big belly.

WOW Charlie just sent three zingers over the front seat ... I slunk down so he wouldn't send any my way next!