Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day Charlie

Hard to believe that six years ago on 10/6 we arrived home from Korea with Charlie. He's all over this Gotcha Day event. He started off by telling his classmates that it's a day where he gets presents ... huh! Who wouldn't want to have a gotcha day. He then ... with my coaching ... told his classmates that it was the day he met his mom and dad and left American. Huh! I'm sure the teachers really scratching her head by now. So this morning, I told him ... if they ask ... it's the day our family celebrates adoption. Can you hear it now .... What's Adoption? Well good news is his teachers going on +30 years ... she can deal with this.

Charlie does have a way of bending the stories. He told his class that after Christmas we were moving to some place colder ... huh! Translate, we are skiing in Steamboat for a week sometime after the Christmas Holiday.

Jet is totally into the Gotcha Day events too. I'm letting him skip soccer practice! He deserves it ... he played in 3 tournament games this last weekend, two practices last week and has two more games this weekend. I mean goodness ... do the professionals play this much!!!
So Jet being Jet and Charlie following suit tried to parlay this day into a day off of school. HA! Nice Try!
(Picture of Charlie at the soccer fields ... where else would we be on weekends)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Charlie's First Day at Spring Ave Kindergarten!

Charlie with neighbor Lillian Pendergast (brown curls) before walking into class

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Are You Ready For Some School?

Not For School But We Are Definitely ready for some College Football. Our mission for this year ... letting the big 10 know that some Huskers are in the house. Yes we may not be officially part of the Big 10 until next year but let's do a little rabble raising and let them know that we are on our way. Thanks to Missouri (pronounced Missoure ... unless you are from the state ... then it's MissourA ... but actually there is an I on the end of Missouri which may stand for "idiot" or "I ... as in me ... as in I am most important ... so important I'm going to screw up a really good conference". So because of the "I" in Missouri ... Nebraska (ending with an "A" as in "all encompassing" ... is now a part of the big 10 .... participating next year in some awesome football in our own backyard. So you Huskers ... we encourage you to make the 7 hour voyage across the vast wasteland known as Iowa (soon to be one of the Husker downtrodden ... to Chicago-land where great Big 10 football is just a stones throw away: Northwestern, Purdue, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State ... if we want to travel farther than 3 hours ... there's Minnesota, Ohio State, Pennsylvania, Michigan and if we venture into the land of Catholics ... a mere 2 hours to Notre Dame. GO HUSKERS!