Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mom's Day Loot

One of my favorite blogs is our friends, the Murphy's, blog.  From their travels in India to their arrival back in the states, it's always very entertaining.  When I read Tracy's blog this week about Mother's Day, I felt a little remiss that I didn't share all the wonderful stuff I got on that very same day.  So here it is.  OK, first hugs and kisses from Dad and the boys .... those rank the highest.   After that ... and in no order .... I got a bouquet of flowers (signed Jet and Charlie but I know where they came from), a really cool art coffee mug created by Jet in kindergarten (I swear my coffee taste better out of this beautiful mug which is not dishwasher safe ... I have to save this from Chris's loading each night), Rosetta Stone - Korean from Chris to prepare me for Ah Ram's arrival in July/August.  I hope to speak a few more sentences of Korean than I do now (and by that I mean one Korean sentence would be more than I speak now).  AND finally, since Charlie was out of preschool last week due to his tonsillectomy and did not get to create a Mom's gift, I did my motherly duty and picked up these really cute, way cool sandals for him to give to me.  It was kind of double duty since I was taking care of Charlie's gift and stimulating the economy at the same time.   What can I say, I'm a multi-tasking mom.
It doesn't get much better!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Game On!

It's May and the annual start of spring ball.  Soccer and Tball for our family. We had our first games this week.  It was all Jet's games that we attended since Charlie had his tonsils out on Tuesday which makes him unavailable for two weeks ... but more about this later.  Jet's Tball team has been rained out most weeks.  We finally got a game in this week.  Much to the dismay of Chris, it's just not hitting expectations for Dad on Tball.  For one thing, nobody keeps score.  Secondly, every kid bats 4 times ... 28 players (14 for each team) x 4 at bats makes for a really long game.   Thirdly,  there are no practices and little organization which really just frustrates Chris.  So after game one, Dad is rethinking signing up the boys again until it's coach pitch with actual coaching.  Soccer on the other hand rocks!  No practices, 45 minute fast paced games and much more organization.   
OK, it's been a three hospital week for us with Charlie.  Sunday night was a trip to the ER as Charlie took a light saber to the nose resulting in blood flow from the nose, mouth and onto Mom's brand new gap shirt.  Nothing broken but he was definitely bruised for a few days.  We are in awe at how quickly it disappeared.  Anyways, after spending Sunday night in the ER, we show up at Children's hospital on Monday morning to get Charlie's tonsils removed.  I was given instructions on Friday to have no food after midnight and only clear liquids to drink.  What I failed to hear or they failed to tell me (probably the former), is that I was to stop clear liquids two hours prior to surgery.  I was 45 minutes off the mark and the surgery was rescheduled for the next day.  In some weird way it was comforting .... the ENT showed me  his schedule with back to back tonsil and adenoid removals ...  no room for fudge in this schedule so he must be good and expect everything to go like clockwork.  
FINALLY Tuesday the tonsils came out.  The ENT check the adenoids and they were completely gone (had not grown back).  Charlie was such a good little patient.  He had Popsicles immediately out of recovery and didn't stop until they kicked us out at 10:30AM  (The surgery was at 7:30am).  At this point Charlie declared that he needed to stay longer and relax in addition to telling the staff the Popsicles at home "stink" ... you know the all fruit kind.  We finally got him out the door and he is back to his usual speed.  
OK, off to frost the cupcakes.  Have a good mother's Day.

Post script to my original blog:
You always know the doctors and nurses with boys:
"wow what happened to his nose?"
"Light saber"
"ah .... chuckle chuckle"

You also always know the doctors and nurses with more than two boys because instead of saying goodbye when you leave the ER they say "See you next time"!